Megatrend International Expert Consortium Limited, London, is a consulting-educational organization founded in 1980, which was the foundation for the development of educational group “Megatrend” in Serbia. The first institution in this system was Megatrend Business School in Belgrade, founded in 1989. This school soon became the founder of all other institutions within the academic community. Later chartered colleges and schools were turned primarily towards applied economics and management and then they conquered other scientific and artistic fields. Megatrend University has set the highest standards of education in the region for 26 years, while at the centre of all its endeavors are the students.

Based on the council’s decision of Megatrend University on 15th April, 2015, Megatrend University changed its name to John Naisbitt University.

Today, John Naisbitt University consists of 11 faculties, 2 colleges, Megatrend Virtual University and the Institute for New Technologies. Participants are offered education at 8 campuses in 6 Serbian cities (Belgrade, Zajecar, Backa Topola, Pozarevac, Valjevo, and Vrsac). After 25 years of continuous work in the field of higher education, our University has tens of thousands of active students and graduates at all levels of academic and scientific titles.

The faculties of John Naisbitt University offer vocational, academic as well as specialist, master and doctoral studies in several academic and scientific disciplines (business, international economics, management, art and design, culture and media, biofarming, government and administration and computer science).

John Naisbitt University was guided by the vision of a modern, high-quality and pragmatic education. As a result of this motivation emerged the first project of post-graduate studies in management in Central and Eastern Europe, realized in 1991 in cooperation with Megatrend Business School and the Technical Faculty in Bor, financed from the European Union TEMPUS fund, designed for the development of business education.

In the autumn of 1999, John Naisbitt University became a full member of the global university network NEWS (North-East-West-South), whose members are universities from around the world. Also, all the institutions of John Nesbitt University are members of the EAMS (Euro-Asia Management Studies Association), the world’s only association for management studies.

In January 2003, John Naisbitt University became a member of the Association of Serbian Universities.

Students at John Naisbitt University have the opportunity to learn from the world’s distinguished lecturers, using the most modern literature. Its people acquire the skills needed to start a successful career in business, economics, management, public administration, culture and media, art and design, computer science, biofarming. Many of the students who have gone through the above mentioned educational systems are recognized experts in these areas and they represent the best guarantee of the quality of John Naisbitt University. It is proved now that the knowledge gained at this University is durable and solid foundation for the necessary continuing education of our experts and the quality of education at our University provides an excellent base for further studies at prestigious institutions worldwide, from America to Japan and from Scandinavia to South Africa.

John Naisbitt University
The building of the John Naisbitt University, 8 Bulevar marsala Tolbuhina, Belgrade

John Nesbitt University won numerous domestic and international acknowledgements, one of them is the prize of American Quality Association (American Quality Association- AQA) and the European Quality Award (European Quality Award) – both of them awarded in 2008. Also, John Naisbitt University won the prestigious Vuk Karadzic Award for sustained contribution to science, education and culture in Serbia, in March 2010.

Within the official selection system, International Scientific Committee EDUNIVERSAL, proclaimed the Business School in Zajecar, which is a part of John Nesbitt University, for one of the top 500 business schools in the world in November 2009. EDUNIVERSAL is an organization that provides global accreditation to higher education institutions in the world.

John Naisbitt University has developed prolific scientific and business cooperation with various reputable academic institutions around the world, thus advancing the general educational potential and providing opportunities for studying at the chosen faculties abroad within prospective programmes. Contracts on cooperation were signed with academic institutions in Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Bulgaria, Montenegro, France, Chile, Argentina, China, Russia and Venezuela. The result of successful international cooperation is also reflected in the number and quality of foreign visiting professors who participate in teaching at our University.

The University continues to develop in accordance with new technologies, information systems and modern methods of acquiring knowledge. John Naisbitt University constantly adapts its programs to the new trends and thus develops curriculums that optimally prepare students for future businesses and ventures.

John Naisbitt University

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