Centre for Project Management

The Centre for Project Management within John Naisbitt University was established with the aim of creating, realizing and implementing the projects in various fields. The Centre for Project Management will act in accordance with the distinctive business strategy of John Naisbitt University and with the purpose of deepening and strengthening the two decades long cooperation with its partners. Through its project functions and activities, the Centre will also act as a support to the teaching, scientific research and student activities at the University.

Marina Golubovic

Head of Project Management Centre

Ranka Mitrovic

Project Activities Coordinator at John Naisbitt University

Publishing Activity

The publishing activity of John Naisbitt University, the oldest and the largest privately owned higher education institution in Southeast Europe, publishes mainly for the needs of students and classes delivered at the University, as well as certain books of undoubtedly wider importance that raise interest of numerous enthusiasts and readers of good quality specialised literature in various fields.

In addition to books, John Naisbitt University also publishes ‘MEGATREND REVIEW’, an international scientific journal for applied economics (issued in Serbian and English), ‘YEARBOOK’ of the Faculty of Culture and Media as well as ‘MEGATRENDER’, the magazine of students of the Faculty of Management in Zajecar.
All our issues undergo serious editorial and necessary bibliographic procedures which can be found not only in the National Library of Serbia but also in important foreign libraries and major national educational, state and cultural institutions as well as in the network of bookstores.
By its selection of authors, quality and quantity of titles, circulation and impact on the educational and cultural level of the society it works in, John Naisbitt University has found its place among the largest and top quality publishers of specialised literature in this region.

+381 (11) 2203069

8 Goce Delčeva st., 11070 Novi Beograd

+381 (11) 2092164

29 Bulevar umetnosti st., 11070 Novi Beograd

Bookstore opening hours:
Every weekday from 9:00 -16:00

Megatrend Review

‘Megatrend Review’ (ISSN 1820-3159) is the scientific journal of John Naisbitt University (Megatrend University).

According to the classification of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, the journal is ranked amongst the leading national scientific journals in Serbia (M51).

‘Megatrend Review’ is a multidisciplinary journal in the fields of social sciences. Papers on following topics are published:

  • Economics
  • Law
  • Politics and Security
  • Management and Marketing
  • International Relations
  • Public policies
  • Information Society

‘Megatrend Review’ journal has been published since year 2004 in Serbian and English language. It is open to all quality papers and authors from around the world. It has an international editorial board and international editorial council. Trough international exchange it reaches readers beyond the borders of Serbia.

+381 11 220 31 50


Goce Delčeva 8, 11070 Beograd, Srbija