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Iranian Center is the result of connecting John Naisbitt University and Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Belgrade.

The aim of the Center is to develop the academic cooperation between students and professors of John Naisbitt University and Iranian academic society (universities, institutes, research centers). The most important aspects of this connection are: exchange of students and professors, specialization of professors and students of higher level studies in Iran, promotion of the Iranian culture, language and arts at the University, introducing students to the specifics of the Iranian economy and technology achievements of Iran, the exchange of literature, the issuance of common textbooks, joint projects, conferences, etc.


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Persian Language Course

Introducing the Persian language

Persian is an Indo-European language and it is used as an official language in Iran, Tajikistan and, as one of the two official languages (besides Pashto), in Afghanistan.



  • Presentations of modern Iranian and pre-modern Persian arts, architecture, film, calligraphy, gardens, stylish furniture, jewelry, ornaments, ceramics, glass.


  • Lectures of Iranian culture: History of Persian civilization, Modern history of Iran, Anthropology of Iranians, Contemporary and ancient customs in Iran, Tradition, Living style, Islam as a base of Iranian culture, Persian Gnosticism.
  • Lectures of Iranian economy: Economy of Iran, Islamic economics, Islamic banking, Business, Management, and Enterprises in Iran, Specifics and problems of oil economies.


  • The Iranian Center organizes exhibitions of artworks (photography, paintings, calligraphic works, and sculpture) of Iranian authors at the halls of John Naisbitt University.
  • The Iranian Center organizes exhibitions of students` design works from the Faculty of Art and Design, inspired by Iranian culture, architecture, traditions and other areas presented in the framework of the activities of the Iranian center.

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Iranian Center provided three scholarships for students of John Naisbitt University: one scholarship for the best student of the Persian language and two for students of higher studies or levels, interested in a deeper research of the Iranian economy, culture, arts and other fields.

The scholarship covers travel expenses, accommodation for 3 and 4 weeks, and the organization of an adequate study program in Iran.


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sajam-knjigaIranian Center Library contains hundreds of books in Serbian and English language.

The most valuable are monographs on various topics, such as: modern and antique Persian art, architecture, Iranian gardens, the history of the Persian civilization, the modern history of Iran, calligraphy, geography of Iran, travel books, and monographs on ancient Persian cities, Isfahan, Shiraz, Persepolis.

The library also has the most important works of Persian and Iranian literature in Serbian: novels, collections of short stories and fairy tales, modern poetry and the most famous works of Persian poets and mystics (Rumi, Hafiz, Saadi, Khayyam, Attar, etc.).

The library contains periodicals NUR – Journal of Culture and Islamic topics published by the Iranian cultural center.

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All about Iran visitWEBSITE.

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On Wednesday, Feb 8th, 2017, the Day of Iranian culture was successfully implemented at our university. In the organization of the Department of International Cooperation, Faculty of Culture and Media and Cultural Centre I.R. Iran in Belgrade, our students attended a lecture and a performance by the musical group “Nagma” Isfahan. In the full amphitheater,…

As a result of many years of successful cooperation between the University “John Naisbitt,” and the Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Belgrade, on 27 April 2016 Iranian center was officially opened at the University. The opening ceremony was attended by students, professors, members of the Iranian Cultural Centre, the Persian language…

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Dragan Ćalović

Dragan Ćalović

+381 66 89 40 236
Dragan Ćalović was born in 1976. He was graduated from Faculty of Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts in 1998, and from Faculty of Philology with a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic language and literature in 2006. In 2005 he was graduated from University of Arts in Belgrade, Interdisciplinary studies with a Master’s degree in Theory of Arts and Media. He obtained his PhD in Theory of art at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Interdisciplinary doctoral studies in Theory of Arts and Media, in 2008.

As associate Professor at the Faculty of Arts and Design, and Faculty of Culture and Media, Megatrend University in Belgrade, he teaches Theory of Art, Theory of Media, and Spatial Theory. At the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, he teaches Islamic Art, and Islamic Architecture. He is director of International Cooperation Department and director of Iranian Centre at Megatrend University.

He is a member of Aesthetical Society of Serbia and Croatian Philosophical Society. He has published three monographs and over 50 scientific papers in the fields of theory of art, theory of media and islamic art. He was a member of editorial board in magazine „Kultura“ (Culture – Review for the Theory and Sociology of Culture and for the Cultural Policy, Center for Study in Cultural Development, Belgrade, Serbia) from 2008 to 2013. He was participated in two scientific research projects, more than ten cultural projects and in more than one hundred workshops, international conferences and scientific meetings.


29 Bulevar umetnosti Street,
11 070 New Belgrade, Serbia;