Distance Learning

If you are employed or a young parent, a professional athlete, or actor, or babysitter, or taxi driver, etc., or for any other reason cannot attend lectures and exercises, or you prefer to choose the time, place and pace of your education, then distance learning is the right choice for you.

The online studies (Virtual University) established at the John Naisbitt University is the first accredited institution in our country that offers distance learning to students. Today, the improved system of distance learning at the John Naisbitt University responds to challenges of the global environment, modern labor market and the development of new technologies. Distance learning is a new trend in education worldwide due to the numerous advantages that this type of study offers.

First of all, students are exempt from restrictions of space and time imposed by the traditional form of education; cost of distance learning is lower; unlimited access to study materials; test results are immediate and many other benefits. The system of distance learning at the John Naisbitt University was developed for the adaptive transfer of knowledge via the Internet which integrates lectures, interactive learning, experimental learning, collaborative discussion learning and completing assignments. The Faculties at the John Naisbitt University that offer the system of distance learning are: The Faculty of Business Studies, the Faculty of Culture and Media, the Faculty of Law, Public Administration and Security and the Faculty of Management Zajecar, Faculty of International Economics and the Faculty of Computer Science.

We have the most advanced technology, and girls that will blow your mind, on the whole planet of Earth. We have the most friendly and educated professor whom you can drink coffee and talk about science.

Every subject of the study programs that the student chooses consists of the following:

  • Multimedia lessons – lectures;
  • Online consultation with a professor, and video conferencing;
  • Knowledge tests;
  • Virtual laboratories;
  • Multi-synchronous and asynchronous links with the professor;
  • Collaborative-discussion forums;
  • Library access with internet links to various materials;
  • Additional support: electronic signboards, news, reference, guest book, help.


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