The high award ‘Ambassador of Education’ was granted to Professor Mica Jovanovic on 31st May. The award is presented as a part of the Academic Economic Forum, organized by the Life Learning Academy for the achieved contribution to the development of higher education in Europe. On this occasion, Professor Jovanović presented the scientific work ‘The impact of new education  and technologies on organizational culture’ and the second, revised edition of the book ‘Business as Art of Living’.

The high recognition delivery ceremony was attended by scientists, professors and politicians from 17 countries of Europe, Asia and the United States. Professor Jovanović is the author of more than 80 scientific papers, published both at home and abroad, and he has written six books. During his career, he has received numerous honours and awards such as the Knight of the British Order of the Fleur de Lys, the Golden Badge of the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia, the Golden Chain, the Socrates Award of the University of Oxford for achievements in science, education and culture. In the year of 2007, Professor Jovanovic was granted an acknowledgement  of High Business School in Grenoble for the extraordinary pedagogical achievements.