In a competition with 37 European universities, ‘John Naisbitt’ University has received one of the most significant awards in the field of science and education – ‘the best European University’.

The prize has been awarded by the international organization ‘European Independent Agency’, and at the proposal of the European Association of Managers, the Euromanager magazine and the regional chamber of commerce. The statement of the jury says that ‘the prize has been awarded for the outstanding contribution of ‘John Naisbitt’ University to the overall development of education in Serbia, Europe and the world, for successful implementation of the teaching process on the most modern basis, for the development of scientific achievements and for connecting education with the needs of the economy and the society. The jury has also taken into account the recognition of ‘John Naisbitt’ University diplomas around the world, which gives them special strength, significance and importance on European and the world scale. ’

The award will be presented to the founder of the university prof. Mića Jovanović, PhD in the presence of high officials from the region and the EU, at a ceremony in Sarajevo on 7th July this year.

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